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Southpaw AR

A new way to experience Augmented Reality Dance & Theatre with Southpaw Digital.


As the global pandemic began to run it's course, Southpaw Dance Company approached us wanting to create a tool to continue to interact and entertain their customers while the entertainment industry remained closed to visitors. Using Augmented Reality seemed a perfect use of technology to connect Southpaw with their audience again, which is where we helped connect the dots. 

The challenge

To connect users with theatre again.

With the population being told to stay at home, the aim of this project was to bring theatre to them, and through AR, we could place performances in peoples homes without them needing to leave the house. 

The result


Southpaw AR is a prime example of how the correct use of technology can be utilised in order to connect an audience with a business. The app proved successful in raising donations for Southpaw Dance Company, as well as helping to keep it's audience in touch with them. Southpaw AR also features video content encouraging users to learn some of the dance routines that feature within the app, further creating interactivity between a device and the user. 

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