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Labyrinth Gallery

Virtual Gallery hosting unique exhibition artspaces for visual artists.


"We’re a start-up on line Gallery. One half of our partnership is in IT and the other previously as curator of an art gallery. However, with the vision we had for Labyrinth Gallery on line, it was like an architect and an engineer deciding to build the bridge themselves! This is where Rupert came on board with his easeful manner and ’no job too big or too small’ responsiveness to our expectations. It was clear from the first meeting we were in good hands with Rupert. His ‘can do’ approach was refreshing and inspired us to start aiming higher with our ideas, all of which he met. That said, we could also rely on Rupert for his candid opinions on the road map for the future of our business. It has been such a pleasure to have collaborated with Rupert as he constantly held the vision that we have for our interactive galleries in Labyrinth Gallery." Lynn Pearce - Labyrinth Galleries. 

The challenge

The task involved creating a set of online galleries for Labyrinth Galleries website, as well as on handheld devices. Galleries are dynamic by nature, with exhibitions taking place frequently. We needed to add that functionality into the app, allowing artwork to be swapped and changed however required, without needing to re-build the code. This would allow complete control over the galleries reducing costs of on-going maintenance through updates and maximising the lifetime of the product. 

The result


Visitors can wander around at their own pace viewing quality images in detail, finding out more about the artist. Paintings can be changed and repositioned/sized easily via an admin panel without touching the source code. This not only creates an experience for Labyrinth Gallery, but also a platform to distribute to other galleries as a product in itself. 

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